Consistent, full-strength wireless signals are critical in today’s world.

But all too often, building infrastructure blocks communications. At a minimum, this is an annoyance to customers, employees, and visitors. At the extreme, poor signals leave important users—and your company—vulnerable in an emergency.
By contrast, strong wireless and RF signals provide communications accessibility and ease of use, which translates to increased productivity and peace of mind.
Consider this: Industry studies show that more than 60% of wireless calls and data connections take place inside buildings, at the same time as building materials and other infrastructure impede this communication from taking place.


We have strong partnerships with all major carriers and manufacturers in the DAS space.

A DAS is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source. DAS works to enhance cellular voice and data (5G, 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G), both single carrier or multi-carrier, and emergency services/public safety and facilities two-way radio (LMR)

Haymaker has planned and set up thousands of unique DAS sites in locations that range from a single building to multi-million square foot campus environments. From a head-end equipment room, we set up the cabling and equipment to provide coverage throughout a facility, from the basement to the roof, in one building or many.

Haymaker provides femtocell, picocell, and microcell solutions for applications that call for low footprint solutions.
Haymaker also sets up Wi-Fi networks across facilities for seamless communications.
Already have a system in place? Let us worry about it through our HTI360° suite of services.
Haymaker’s attention to detail and commitment to prompt and courteous service installing structured low voltage cabling makes us an ideal choice for also performing:

– Cat. 5e/Cat. 6 voice/Data Cabling Installations
– Cabling Assessments
– Time Critical Data Center Moves or Clean-ups
– Certification Testing
– Fiber Installs, Testing, Splicing
– Moves/Adds/Changes
– New Offices/Relocations
– Service Provider Billing Audits
– Telecom closet/Equipment Relocation's

Based on Haymaker’s 4DG process, you can expect:
  • Definition: Through a comprehensive site survey, we apply our knowledge of carriers’ minimum performance guidelines to your location’s environment.
  • Design: We design a detailed plan based on your site and unique needs.
  • Delivery: We manage the entire DAS project, including installation and construction, coordination with carriers and public safety authorities, and communication with the many parts of your enterprise that are affected (including IT, facilities, and others).
  • Documentation: We test, commission, and optimize to ensure the DAS works as planned. Our testing is extensive, covering all types of traffic that will come in and out of the building on a regular or emergency basis.
  • Guarantee: Many of our clients request our assistance in maintaining and monitoring the system by signing on to HTI360°.