Haymaker is dedicated to ensuring our 2014-08-18-16.40.22-300x225clients get the technology solutions they need.

We do this through 4DG—a process we have honed over many years, tailored to the unique needs of every project and every client.


4D (Engineering)

    • Define:
      Working with you to define your vision, now and looking ahead to future needs
    • Design:
      Architecting the vision with state-of-the-art assessment, design, and planning services
    • Deliver:
      Bringing the vision to life via installation, migration, and/or upgrade services
    • Document:
      Delivery of a comprehensive analysis and testing reports on the entire project—as a concise and useful deliverable

    Project Based:

    Haymaker offers 4DG services on a project (fixed cost) basis.

    Service Policy/T&M:

    Haymaker offers 4DG services at hourly rates and minimum bill times on a service policy / time & materials basis.

    G (Operations)

    • Guarantee:
      Ensuring your internal staff has been properly educated at an administrative level and that a proactive Haymaker maintenance plan has been designed to ensure smooth integration of the solution.


    Haymaker provides flexibility in staffing through contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire arrangements.


    Many organizations successfully outsource some or all of their entire IT and/or telecom operations to us—so they can focus on their core business and industry strengths while relying on Haymaker as their technology partner.

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