Managed IT Services


Does your enterprise have a place in the cloud?

Cloud-based services change almost daily. We keep up with their strengths and limitations to provide our clients with clear-eyed, cutting-edge analysis about what the cloud can offer you.

Or do your objectives require a premise-based solution?

Haymaker works with clients to determine the optimal use of cloud- and premise-based services. We take into account not only current but also future needs, providing flexible, secure, and cost-effective scalable solutions.



Cloud-based VoIP

VoIP telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol) takes the phone infrastructure into the cloud, resulting in significant cost savings in many situations.

In addition, VoIP allows for integration of phone contacts with customer relationship systems, provides oversight, and guarantees seamless mobility for users who have multiple work locations or are often on the road.

Our services range from:
  • Site Surveys
  • Wiring to Voice Programming
  • Scripting
  • Testing

Haymaker does the legwork and has the relationships to advise on whether VoIP is right for you. We have successfully migrated and standardized multiple systems resulting from mergers and other company changes.

Infrastructure as a Service

Many companies look to (IaaS) as a way to outsource the hardware aspects of their computing needs such as:

Servers, Network Devices, Storage, and hosted applications like Office 365, SharePoint, Google Docs Especially if they don’t want or need to take on an investment with limited technical lifespan.

"Our clients rely on us to help them make effective use of technology."

With IaaS, the cloud solution provider takes on the onus of updates, security, and other critical operations. And the provider has back-up and redundancy configurations well beyond a typical single enterprise.

When also considering the impact of an event like Super Storm Sandy, and the likelihood of such events in the future, the advantages become obvious. IaaS may make sense for your needs—or it may not.


The most successful examples of cybersecurity are the crises that never make the news or even happen because of prevention or swift action.

Disasters—whether natural or manmade, accidental or deliberate—are inevitable. Hackers will continue to seek ways to infiltrate systems.

Our job is to deflect or minimize the harm those hackers seek to cause. Keeping one step ahead of attack and constant vigilance guide Haymaker’s cybersecurity practice.
We accomplish this through:
  • Setting up and monitoring firewalls and virtual private networks
  • Installing and continually updating antivirus and anti-spam software
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to detect any possible ways vital systems can be attacked, then working with clients to implement corrective solutions
  • Compliance checks on a regular basis

Mobile Device Management

Many enterprises provide their workforce with mobile devices. Thousands of these devices are out in the field at any given time, vulnerable to everything from theft and hacking to inappropriate personal use. They need updates, they get lost, they need a fix—the issues are constant and they arise 24/7.

Haymaker handles all aspects of mobile device management (MDM), from initial provisioning to decommissioning.

We have capacity to handle iOS and Android devices, all apps, and both BYOD and corporate-supplied devices.

What happens when one of your employees loses a phone with critical company information late on a Saturday night?
When your sales people are spending more time troubleshooting their tablets than making calls?
When your finance department gets a carrier bill that is double what you’ve expected, for reasons unclear?

Our HTI360° clients turn to us to sort it out.

Ready to get answers to these questions? See how MDM Works.